Londrigan Beef is a cross between Black Angus Dams and Blonde d’Aquitaine Sires. The Angus breed is well known for their fat marbling which increases the flavour of the meat. When crossed with Blonde d’Aquitaine all the benefits of quality beef featuring the Angus fat. Blonde d’Aquitaine and cross cattle are quiet, easy to manage and flourish in the North Victorian climate.

dummy-large-bull Blonde d’Aquitaine breed features

  • Quiet temperament –  Docile and easy to manage.
  • Ease of calving – Leading to increased fertility in cows.
  • Cows are noted for their longevity
  • Heavy muscle
  • High feed conversion rate
  • Heat tolerant
  • Tremendous length
  • Great hybrid vigor
  • Extra weight at weaning
  • High yield carcasses – Good kill out rates, high meat yield and little waste product.
  • Superior dressings percentages – Quality lean carcass and high proportion of high priced cuts, with unmatchable yield on rib eye.
  • Greater profits for breeders and butchers
  • Excellent quality beef – Due to low collagen and higher content of “type 2b-fast fibre”.