Old Kentucky Blondes

Old Kentucky Blondes stud farm is the realisation of a dream long held by me, the owner Bob Andrews. That dream being to have the finest stud cattle in Australia. After purchasing 118 stunning acres known as “Old Kentucky” the decision of what style of cattle to achieve this was researched. After much time and effort a decision was made on Blonde d’Aquitaines, largely due to their docile nature and consistent quality. I then began an Australia wide search with the aim of securing the top 10% of quality Blonde d’Aquitaines.

Bulls and dams were purchased from Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This process has secured what we think is the best breeding stock available. With the domestic market in mind, another 1,000 acres of land was purchased. This additional land is used to cross breed Blonde d’Aquitaines with other breeds such as Angus, Hereford and Beef Shorthorn. This produces the best beef for direct supply to the domestic market, sold in bulk, online through Londrigan Beef and Lamb.

Bob Andrews Bob Andrews

I was born and bred on a dairy farm in country New South Wales and raised my family in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia. My professional career saw a move closer to Melbourne where I had great success in the food industry with Argents Hill Country Cuisine, a brand I established and built. My passion for returning to the land and continuing to build success in the food industry is the driving force behind both “Old Kentucky Blondes” and “Londrigan Beef and Lamb”.

Director Career Profile: Bob Andrews

My professional career began in banking, Tamworth. A love of numbers saw a move to ANZ’s Melbourne Computer centre during 1967. In 1975 purchased I my first business, a Milk Bar in Lalor. I successfully bought, built up and sold various Milk Bars in the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne.

I joined Don Smallgoods in 1983 as relief driver in Melbourne. Moving to Wangaratta I took over that Don territory. It was a great challenge, the regular and established operator had gone out in opposition as an independent. I controlled the damage and rebuilt Don’s market dominance against a competitor with strong local ties. Taking the business from a 50% loss to a 43% increase on the original figures, representing over a 110% turn around.

During my time in Wangaratta I also established other stand alone small businesses in fresh and broken meat that were sold separately. I also became very active in the local community and was President of The Wangaratta Magpies Football Club for 4 years.

In 1993 I returned to Melbourne, bought a distribution business and soon entered the Antipasto market combined with some mainstream foodservice. I had a short lived partnership with a manufacturer and quickly identified that Antipasto was a growth category. My business, Argents Hill Country Cuisine experienced amazing growth through hard work and dedication. I have since sold that business. I continually explore new markets, new products and draw on the past to provide the best product, at the best price made by the best people employing the best practices.

Bob Andrews