We supply bakeries, restaurants
and commercial businesses in
Victoria and New South Wales.

Our wholesale meat is  sourced from local like-minded farmers as well as our own farm. We can prepare the meat to your requirements which is placed in cyrovac for immediate transport.
The meat is then processed through an accredited facility and we purchase back the primal cuts in three different grades:

Gold Label
The absolute best of our own selected dry aged beef,
designed for a fine dining experience.

Black Label
Suitable for high quality restaurants, selected from our
Blonde d’Aquitaine X Angus that are a little larger than normal
and show marbling for that extra tenderness and taste.

Red Label
Still first grade quality but a little smaller, great for cafes, pubs etc.
Makes great steak sandwiches and also as a good steak.


Please call out butcher on (03) 5722 1015 or email butcher@londrigan.com